Nathan Ward - Formula Ford 1600

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This is the website for Nathan Ward's 2022 Formula Ford 1600 racing.

Including race dates, results and progress reports.



Background: Nathan Ward

Born in 1988, Nathan Ward quickly developed a love of speed. At the age of 13 months he was on skis in the French Alps, and has been at least once a year ever since. Quickly progressing to competition standard, it was thought that skiing would be the only sport for him.

That was until one day he found himself on a quad bike, and from that point on it was always going to be motorsport that would be his passion. Whilst on holiday in Ibiza aged 9, Nathan had his first taste of Go-Karting and it was obvious from the outset that he had a natural driving ability. Another of his interests is SCUBA diving and he is currently part way through his next qualification to become a certified diver.

Racing Career

When Nathan started racing in 2003, it was clear that he was capable of great things. Starting in the Formula Junior TKM category at the Whilton Mill Kart Club, he progressed from a novice to a front runner within just one season and since then there has been no stopping him. Now competing in the TKM Extreme category, he has shown his skill and finesse every time he gets on track.

2009 saw Nathans biggest challenge as he entered the world of single seater racing, by competing in the Castle Combe FF1600 Championship followed by an impressive showing in 2012, finishing an incredible 4th overall and winning the coveted MotorsTV Live Race Day event. 

Now in 2020, the scene is set for even greater success as he returns to Castle Combe with the intention of improving even further. 

Golden Bull Racing

The Golden Bull started life as an artistic design which was created by Nathan and placed on his race kart. Since the first day it was used, it has attracted much attention and led people to enquire as to its meaning.

Initially even Nathan himself did not know, but has now come to see it as a symbol of himself and his racing. The design was replicated onto his new kart and it can currently be found on the Formula Ford car.